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Sutton Health Advocacy makes pelvic physical therapy convenient for you by offering concierge mobile physical therapy throughout Dallas – Fort Worth and telehealth physical therapy throughout Texas. Dr Stacy is a board-certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist (WCS) and would love for an opportunity to help you achieve your pelvic health goals. Click below to discover all the conditions we treat and find out how Dr. Stacy can help you optimize your pelvic health. 

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Urinary Urge Suppression

Does it feel like you have to pee all the time?

Do you have a sudden urge to pee even if you have just gone to the bathroom?

Are road trips or going out with friends and family a dreaded chore because you will have to stop to pee…again?

Check out my Free Guide and discover how to help stop the urge to pee without medication and without having to do an elimination diet.

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Bladder Solutions for Women is a community support group for women of all ages (young to older) who have or have not had children, and who experience bladder issues such as urinary frequency, urinary urgency, and urinary incontinence. This is a safe place to share your experience, ask questions, and give/get advice.

Bladder Solutions for Women

Pelvic Musings (Blog)

Pelvic Musings is our blog that offers information related to pelvic physical therapy and your overall pelvic health. Above all, our goal is to help you optimize your pelvic floor function by offering premiere Pelvic Physical Therapy service in Dallas – Fort Worth and throughout Texas. Also, make sure you connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for more Pelvic Physical Therapy content.

Patient Testimonials

Working with Dr. Stacy Sutton was amazing. She made me feel comfortable through the whole process. Dr. Stacy not only gives you different options but guides you. She will let you know what exercises to do and also show you do to do them.

- BB
Before I started working with Dr. Sutton, I felt so frustrated and discouraged after months of complications and pain when it came to intimacy. I had attended numerous medical appointments and tried many different methods of healing, so I was very skeptical of this type of therapy. Dr. Sutton is incredibly knowledgeable in her field. With her guidance and treatment plan, I was able to resume sexual activity pain free within 5 weeks. This is the only thing that helped me and it was the least invasive/most comfortable method I tried. Not only is Dr. Sutton incredibly knowledgeable, but she’s also very kind and made me feel very comfortable.

- AS
Stacy helped my body function again after having my second child. I didn’t even know the issues I was facing could be helped with physical therapy when my OBGYN referred me to Stacy. She is so knowledgeable and easy to work with. I was surprised and so pleased at how effective and convenient virtual session were and I can report that at 6 month post partum, my symptoms are resolved and my body functions like it’s supposed to again!

- ML
I am super happy with the results of my physical therapy with Dr. Sutton. She took time to explain what was causing my issues in order to provide context for the treatments she prescribed. I felt 100% comfortable talking to her about even the most sensitive (and embarrassing) postpartum issues. She handled everything with professionalism, compassion and understanding. I wish that pelvic floor therapy was the standard of care for all postpartum women—it’s a game changer.

- LR

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