Trust the pelvis you have:
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pelvic health

Hi, I'm Dr. Stacy

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope that the information on this website will help navigate you to achieve optimal pelvic health.

At Sutton Health Advocacy, we advocate for optimal pelvic health by encouraging our patients to be the hero of their own story.

My goal is to help people heal, improve, and sustain optimal pelvic health through knowledge of their mind movement of their bodies. 

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Pelvic Physical Therapy

At Sutton Health Advocacy, we make pelvic physical therapy convenient for you. We offer concierge mobile physical therapy throughout the DFW area and telehealth physical therapy throughout Texas by Dr. Stacy. Dr Stacy is a board-certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist (WCS) through the American Physical Therapy Association. Click below to discover all the conditions we treat and how we can help you optimize your pelvic health.

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Pelvic Musings

Pelvic Musings is our blog, with information to help you optimize your pelvic floor function and overall pelvic health. 

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