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A Source of Empowerment

Pelvic Musings is a blog to empower patients. It is a resource of healing for both patients and clinicians who are frustrated by our medical system. Our medical system does a great job of encouraging gaining technical knowledge. The medical system falls short in treating people as people, not as their diagnosis or body part.

Dr. Stacy came up with the idea for Pelvic Musings early in her career treating patients with pelvic floor dysfunction. The idea came about through discussions with patients. Many patients were brave enough to share their stories. Their stories were about much more than physical difficulties. To heal physically, people need confidence, trust, and validation.

I made one big mistake early on in my career. I thought that just because I knew about a patient’s medical diagnosis and which treatments were the most effective in treating said diagnosis, that I could heal them. Healing goes much deeper than just gaining technical knowledge about a diagnosis.

-Dr. Stacy

She discovered that the medical system falls short in giving patients tools to heal themselves. Helping people is not just about knowing medical facts about a diagnosis. It is not just about knowing manual techniques or exercises to prescribe. We must also instill confidence, trust, and validation. We must empower. The most powerful tool towards healing is being seen, heard, and validated.

Through the bravery of patients willing to share their stories, Dr. Stacy learned more than was possible from just reading facts in textbooks. Every person has a unique story to tell. And each person deserves to have her story heard and validated.

Pelvic Musings is a place for patients and clinicians to come to for empowerment necessary for optimal healing. Start reading now.

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