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Are you ready for an
pregnancy, labor, and postpartum experience?

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Preparing for birth can be confusing.
There is so much information out there, where do you begin?
In PELVIC FLOOR BIRTH SUCCESS, you will learn how to
optimally prepare for birth and recovery.

You may have heard people say:

“The baby has her/his own plan”

“Birth has a mind of its own”

“I ended up having to have a c-section”

“You can’t control what happens”

Sure, your birth plan may not go exactly as you plan, but that does not mean you should not:

Educate yourself about your birth options

Prepare for your birth to go as well as you hope

Strengthen your body to prepare for labor and caring for baby postpartum

Learn recovery strategies following birth

Preparing for the best birth experience and planning for unexpected events in pregnancy do not have to be mutually exclusive! You can both prepare for the best birth experience possible AND prepare for unexpected events.

In PELVIC FLOOR BIRTH SUCCESS you will learn how to prepare for birth and recovery whether your birth goes “according to plan” or your plan has to be modified.

Don't let other people's doubts
or their negative birth experience affect your
confidence in YOUR birth experience!

Protect your Mojo, Mama!

Do you want to:

Know what to do to feel fit and healthy during pregnancy

Know how to prepare your body for labor and birth

Have a confident birth experience

Quickly recover after birth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it too late to have an amazing birth?

Nope! You are in control and things may not be going how you envisioned but understanding your body and the steps you can take to have a healthy core and pelvic floor will empower you to get the birth you want. You can start this course at 36 weeks and still benefit from everything in this course!

I want an epidural and to deliver in a hospital. Can this class still help me?

Awesome! You can still use the techniques in these lessons to reduce tearing and heal faster. And you’ll want these pain management techniques before getting the epidural.

I'm having a C-section. Is this class for me?

Yes! Everyone has their own birth plan wether it started out that way or changed during pregnancy. Having a cesarean birth can lead to more changes with core function and ab strength so these exercises and your recovery will be more important that ever. You’ll want to keep your core strong during pregnancy and safely recover. This class can give you that!

I already workout, so I don't need anything else, right?

Working out is such as great way to keep your pregnancy healthy and to prepare your body for labor. This class will give you specific core and pelvic floor exercises and activities to protect your body and help you heal faster (cause I know you want to get back to those workouts).

I am already so busy that I don't think I have time for this class. Will this class take a lot of time to complete?

No! This class is broken into 5-20 minute videos with handouts to reference for easy follow through. You are everything and if you don’t take care yourself now it won’t get easier when you baby arrives.

Why should I join now? Can't I just wait and see how my birth goes?

The best medicine is prevention! The best time to address a potential problem is before the issue arises. I have treated way too many women after they develop an issue and the #1 comment I hear is, “I wish someone would have told me this earlier.”

What all is included in Pelvic Floor Birth Success?


includes all of this for only $197 ($3600 vaue)

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Module 1
Preparing for Birth

Complete exercise program for strengthening & cardio, designed specifically according to pregnancy exercise guidelines

  • 10 unique exercise videos with guided instruction
  • Dynamic warm-up and gentle warm-up videos
  • Mobilization & stretching video

Perineal mobilization tutorial to decrease tearing

List of daily activities for a healthy pregnancy and birth

Module 2
Labor Techniques

Breathing techniques for a better birth with less pain and tearing

Labor positions, benefits and when to use each one

Pushing techniques for labor

3 guided meditations to prepare for your birth and use during your labor & delivery

Tools to manage pain during labor and birth

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Module 3
Postpartum Care

Caring for your pelvic floor postpartum

Choosing an abdominal support postpartum

Exercises for the first 6 weeks to recover your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

Cesarean scar management

Choosing a postpartum abdominal support binder


Building your birth support team

How to perform a kegel correctly – guided video and tutorial

Diastastis recti abdominis (DRA) managemement – how to check for, measure for, and tips to prevent DRA

Access to private Facebook group

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For $197 You Can:

(To put this in perspective,

a one hour virtual session with me is $125 – $200)

Have a Healthy, Fit Pregnancy

Feel Strong, and Prepared for Labor

Have Confidence in Your Birth

Reduce Your Risk of Vaginal Tearing

Learn Techniques to Manage Pain in Labor

Protect Your Pelvic Floor During Birth

Heal Your Pelvic Floor and Core After Birth

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Why Choose Us?

Dr. Stacy Sutton, PT DPT WCS, and Dr. Katy Girlinghouse, PT DPT, are pelvic physical therapists with over 15 years of clinical experience helping Mamas prepare for pregnancy, birth, and recovery. They have used these techniques for their own Pregnancies and Births so they know what you’re going through!

The information you will get in Pelvic Floor Birth Success is both evidence based and Dr. Stacy and Dr. Katy have used these techniques in their own birthing experiences.

Image of dr. stacy

Stacy Sutton, PT DPT CLT WCS

I’ll be honest. I treat women who are pregnant and postpartum for a living. But when I got pregnant, y’all, I was feeling really unprepared in a lot of ways. I went out and bought all the books I didn’t already have. I Googled everything.

So many of the questions I was seeking answers to were questions I already knew the answers to! But I was doubting myself.

This intense knowledge and information seeking phase had gone on for a few weeks when my husband came to me. “What are you reading all this information for? Don’t you already know this stuff?”

I realized that, yes, I already knew a lot of this stuff. But I wasn’t trusting myself. I was seeking knowledge to pacify my anxiety, but not to plan. I realized that I needed to come up with a plan to stop all the second guessing and questioning.

That’s when my friend and colleague, Katy, contacted me and asked if I wanted to work with her to create a plan for mamas during pregnancy, labor, and the puerperium (first six weeks postpartum—isn’t puerperium such a cool word?). She had just had her second son and had a beautiful birth and very quick recovery. I was on board.

Katy Girlinghouse, PT DPT

With my first pregnancy, I studied, exercised, asked questions and searched online way too often. I thought my birth was going to be perfect because I had done everything I was supposed to do. But it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. After 16 hours of labor, I got an epidural which online partially worked, labored for 8 more hours and then birthed my son laying on my back. It wasn’t what I wanted. I felt like I failed.

When I got pregnant again I knew this experience would be different. I had become a pelvic health PT and understood more about birth, my body and the role of the core during labor and birth. I understood how fear affected my first birth and how my preparation was lacking. Although my husband provided amazing support the first time around, I needed the right support for the birth I wanted. He couldn’t be everything to me all at once. I surrounded myself with the right team during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

With the guidance of a great friend and colleague I trained my core to work for me during pregnancy and birth. Stacy and the rest of my team helped me have the birth I dreamed.

Now, Stacy and I are bringing some of the most important resources I used during pregnancy to you.

I Want My Birth Experience to be
Strong, Confident, & Healthy!


is only open for a limited time!

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