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“Absolutely adore Stacy Sutton. She has helped my day-to-day life greatly in just a few appointments. I was given her card as a recommendation from my gynecologist, I was reluctant to call at first due to being unsure if I had an issue bad enough to schedule for. I didn’t realize until after receiving her help how much I truly struggled with my bladder control after having my child. I would recommend her 1000x, she is always kind, makes her clients comfortable, and if you’re comfortable talking while at these appointments the conversations are always interesting.”
“When I first come to see Stacy, I was very embarrassed about my bladder problems. I had to go all the time and sometimes couldn’t hold it. She was very compassionate and made me feel very comfortable talking about these issues. I am now able to travel to see my grandchildren without worrying about my bladder. Thank you Stacy for giving me my life back!”
“In 2015, I had what felt like a never ending UTI. I had the constant need to urinate and chronic pelvic pain. I saw various urologists over a six month time span that could not provide answers. They simply told me it was Interstitial Cystitis or it was in my head.I was told I would have to live with my symptoms and to see a counselor. I became extremely depressed and had given up on life. I finally found a doctor who was knowledgeable and recommended Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy. I was finally referred to Dr. Stacy Sutton and my life changed for the better.In a matter of three weeks, I saw drastic improvements and over the course of six months, I made almost a full recovery. I am able to live a completely normal life. Dr. Sutton is one of the most compassionate and understanding people you will ever meet. She equips her patients with the resources to manage and control bladder pain.”
“Before I started working with Dr. Sutton, I felt so frustrated and discouraged after months of complications and pain when it came to intimacy. I had attended numerous medical appointments and tried many different methods of healing, so I was very skeptical of this type of therapy. Dr. Sutton is incredibly knowledgeable in her field. With her guidance and treatment plan, I was able to resume sexual activity pain free within 5 weeks. This is the only thing that helped me and it was the least invasive/most comfortable method I tried. Not only is Dr. Sutton incredibly knowledgeable, but she’s also very kind and made me feel very comfortable.”
“Working with Dr. Stacy Sutton for my bladder problems was amazing. She made me feel comfortable through the whole process. Dr. Stacy not only gives you different options but guides you. She will let you know what exercises to do and also show you how to do them.”

“I am being treated by Dr. Sutton for pelvic pain issues. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable and experienced but she is also carding and empathetic. She is very professional and makes me feel at ease discussing these sensitive and personal issues. It is a relief to have found her and I am confident I am on a good path to recovery.”

“Stacy helped my body function again after having my second child. I didn’t even know the issues I was facing could be helped with physical therapy when my OBGYN referred me to Stacy. She is so knowledgeable and easy to work with. I was surprised and so pleased at how effective and convenient virtual sessions were and I can report that at 6 months post partum, my symptoms are resolved and my body functions like it’s supposed to again!”
“I am super happy with the results of my physical therapy with Dr. Sutton. She took time to explain what was causing my issues in order to provide context for the treatments she prescribed. I felt 100% comfortable talking to her about even the most sensitive (and embarrassing) postpartum issues. She handled everything with professionalism, compassion and understanding. I wish that pelvic floor therapy was the standard of care for all postpartum women—it’s a game changer.”

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