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Welcome To The Bladder Code

Welcome To
The Bladder Code

Are You Interested In Healing Your Bladder Problems From The Comfort Of Your Own Home?

Does This Sound Like You?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions,
you are in the right place!

At Sutton Health Advocacy:

We Know The Positive Impact Of Empowering Ambitious Women Just Like You To Heal Your Bladder Problems On Your Own, And Want To Help You Accomplish It With Our Bladder Code Course.

As a women’s pelvic health physical therapist, wife, and mother, I designed the Bladder Code to help other women like me figure out why they pee so much, why they leak urine and teach them what they can do about it.

The Bladder Code Course is safe, customizable, and can be completed at your own pace. It includes a wealth of information to help you address issues contributing to your bladder dysfunction and provides you with numerous tools to resolve it.

What Does The Program Include?

12 Comprehensive Modules To Address All Types Of Bladder Issues

The course will help you find solutions for your health problems. It includes helpful tips and information for poor bladder habits, dietary triggers, pelvic floor dysfunction, posture, central nervous system regulation, and life stressors. It will also provide you with customized strengthening and stretching exercises.

Bladder Toolbox

Use this toolbox with simple solutions to the most annoying bladder problems so you can instantly start improving your bladder health and build back your self-esteem.

Bladder Diary Evaluation & Analysis

By completing the bladder diary in the course, you will be able to get a custom solution for improvements, with helpful tips on how to do so. This will be invaluable in identifying your unique bladder triggers and creating sustainable habits around your bladder problems so you can leave your home without having to worry about going to the bathroom a million times or bringing a change of clothes every time you leave the house.

Private Facebook Group With Access to Me

Never feel like you’re going through this journey alone when you join us in the private Facebook group with weekly live coaching calls so you can be held accountable and receive ongoing feedback and support.


Get rid of the bladder issues that you have been putting off.
Feel confident in your body.
Be able to get through work meetings, college courses, road trips, and going out to dinner with friends without having to have your life ruled by your bladder!